Smiling is a posture we all need to create daily

It's been a while sorry for my delay but the universe just keeps sending me on yogi adventures & I feel very blessed to say more & more Liverpool lovelies  have been joining me for the ride whether you be a BIkram yogi or a yogaBear :0) we have been opening up our hearts, bodies & souls to the universe discovering that yoga is the key.

Lots of new people have been joining us in the hot room from every spectrum of life from mums to granddads, dancers to boxers, doctors to solicitors we even have a trapeze artist. What does a Bikram yogi look like? There is no stereotypical look but, they will be the ones with the smiling happy faces.

Smiling is a posture we all need to create daily it really is infectious & can totally brighten up some ones day. I often have to remind people in the hot room that smiling is the one extra movement in all postures that is aloud :0)
Bikram is a very structured class & is done so everyone can move together & support each other, it is our yoga dance, smiling through it helps our aura radiate.
I love Richards classes when he demands for us to smile in Poorna salabasana (full locust) if you have not taken his class yet you should, just be prepared to smile :0)

Since my last blog our juice bar has launched & we have been topping up on our electrolytes eating an Abundance of fruit & vegetables :0)
I juice everyday starting my morning with a green juice (celery, cucumber, lemon, spirulina & hemp) jam packed with antioxidants & the most natural sources of protein, I don't eat meat or dairy  so this is very important for me.
Spirulina is an amazing superfood I would totally recommend it, it does not taste good but the benefits out way the taste & I promise you get used to it.
The Bikram  juice bar specialises in 3 juices I am strong, I am energized, I am pure all of which are designed to do just that as well as become your affirmation for the day/night

At Bikram yoga we are lucky to be involved with two amazing charities the royal & suspending coffee. I was lucky enough this month to get a sneak peak at the new holistic therapy rooms at the Linda McCartney centre situated in the royal this is an amazing step in the wellness direction doctors & nurses do such an amazing job but the power of the patient is such an amazing tool to their recovery & holistic therapies including yoga are an amazing way of doing this. I am excited to be getting involved guiding patients through yoga, meditation & chakra cleansing.

Thanks to the lovely Vicky Lewis we have also become involved in the suspended coffee scheme & eventually our students will be able to buy a cupa for the homeless at Bikram Liverpool an amazing way to conduct your karma yoga. To raise awareness for the scheme I jumped at the chance to teach at the yogathon at Yoganation it was a great experience to teach somewhere else in Liverpool & it was an afternoon full of yoga love & of course yoga sweat. We are very lucky to have a huge yogi community in Liverpool & yoganation have played a huge  service to the city helping to create this amazing community........are scousers the stretchest & the most stylish I wonder?  :0)

The stretchest little people I know are my yogaBears who have become a huge inspiration to me yoga comes so natural to them & I genuinely believe that letting out their inner dance through yoga will help them to be more positive peaceful people in the future as well as the present. YogaBears classes go from 18mnth to 11 &  is taught through stories & games we have no need for the heat they are stretchy all by themselves please follow @loveyogabears & email  to book your little yogis is for life  

Yoga most definitely is my life & I am working on bringing lots more yoga to Liverpool I am constantly challenging myself so I can challenge  you guys that's the laws of the universe......balance

I promise not to leave it so long next time :0)

Love x light xpeace x hugs & harmony :0)