evolve to let go

october 30 day challenge


challenge yourself to change work to let yourself grow evolve to let go

October brings us the 7th Bikram yoga Liverpool 30 day challenge, famous for getting fast results which can be maintained after the 30 days by a regular Bikram yoga practice

why 30 days? in 30 days you form a habit. The ones that are good for you require cultivation and determination. The starting phase is the hardest, so plan your time make a yoga diary, even if you are not doing the 30 days it is good to get your yoga scheduled in at top of your list, we often make time for everyone else before our selves…..90 minutes dedicated to you.

A great way to see the challenge is a retreat to the inner you, allowing yourself to detach a little from other parts of your life so you focus more on you.

Be kind to yourself, everyday is different as you evolve to let go, plan your meals and allow yourself what you need try to be intuitive with your food give your body what it wants not what it needs, you can burn up to 1200 calories in a Bikram yoga class so you will need lots of fuel, but its all about quality not quantity eating nutrient dense beautiful food for your beautiful body. Your body is going to be detoxed and pure so eat clean to stay lean :)

Embracing Bikram yoga every day for 30 days is a great way to improve all parts of your life. I was particularly inspired after a conversation today with a student who had just completed his own 30 day challenge, he raved about the challenge and his memorable words to me were “I am just happier” how amazing that by challenging yourself, you create happiness…. is the Bikram yoga challenge your journey of happiness?

For me each Bikram yoga class brings me peace Happiness and peace (especially during final savasana) it is my 90 minutes dedicated to myself every class is a challenge so whether you take on the 30 day challenge or not be proud of yourself every time it is not easy to look for weakness to make them your strengths but that is exactly what you are doing……so be positively.

If you have decided to the on the challenge your Bikram dam will be with you every day, take each class at a time start of with a 1 day challenge then take it to 30, I'm excited for all the positive vibes that will be boosting from Bikram Liverpool in October, you are a magical community your group energy together in class is like nowhere else we are a connected community at Bikram Liverpool, I love your Bikram yoga dance see you in the hot room.

30 day challengers my the force () be with you