After working in a very stressful environment in management for a few years and never feeling fulfilled, I decided I wanted to re-train  to become a massage therapist. What drew me to this profession was to help people feel that sense of release and to become completely relaxed and help ease the stresses caused by daily life.

Massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures. Touching is a natural human reaction to pain and stress, and for conveying compassion and support. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

As well as the numerous physiological benefits, massage can help to:
- Reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body
- Create a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem 
- Promote positive body awareness and an improved body image through relaxation 
- Ease emotional trauma through relaxation
Each client is unique just as the technique of each therapist is different. Knowing this I keep an open mind and listen to the needs of the client. I use skilled hands and intuitive observations to give you and your body what you need most at that moment. Whatever your needs may be, my aim is to restore balance to the mind and body.

I offer:
·         Swedish massage. This is a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energise you.

·         Hot Stone Massage. This is a deeply relaxing treatment that effectively releases stress and tension in the body. The heat of the basalt stones encourages the muscles to release quicker than traditional massage and is particularly beneficial for muscular aches and pains, insomnia, back pain, stress, tension and depression.

Most people can benefit from massage. However, massage may not be appropriate if you have: 

1.       Bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication

2.       Burns, open or healing wounds

3.       Deep vein thrombosis

4.       Fractures

5.       Severe osteoporosis

6.       Severe thrombocytopenia

7.       Discuss the pros and cons of massage with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or have cancer or unexplained pain.

If you are a new client, please can you attend your appointment 10 minutes before the scheduled time to have a consultation. Gift vouchers are available, and offers will be announced throughout the year.

Bikram Yoga Liverpool, Focus Building, Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool City Centre L3 2AP