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How to prepare for your first class

  • Aim to get to the studio 30 minutes before class
  • Eat sensibly two hours before class, do not come to class on a full stomach.
  • Be prepared to sweat - a lot! So come to class fully hydrated by drinking between 1.5 and 2 litres of water in the 24 hours before a class. You should also aim to drink the same after a class

  • If you have any injuries or medical conditions it is your responsibility to tell a teacher before class, Bikram yoga has amazing healing effects so don't be put off if you have injuries or medical conditions.
  • Listen to your body do not push yourself into pain, this is essential in order for you to heal your body at Bikram Yoga Liverpool
  • Breathable clothing is essential for the class. It's traditional for men and women to wear shorts for practice with bare chests for men and cropped sports top for women. But it's more important that you feel comfortable during practice so keep it tight and breathable with sports or yoga clothing

  • You will need a yoga mat which are available to hire from reception if you don't have your own

  • You will need two towels - one to place over the mat (essential) and another for showering. Towels are available to hire from reception

  • Staying in the room for the full 90 minutes is crucial for you to get the full benefits of the session -  even if you need to sit out of some postures. Taking it easy and pacing yourself is essential

Bikram Yoga Liverpool, Focus Building, Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool City Centre L3 2AP