“I was put on to the idea of Bikram by my friend Wesley who is the brother of Estelle, the owner and drive of Bikram Liverpool. I wasn’t sure what to expect as there is a certain stigma which is attached to yoga which tells you that it’s primarily for women and is all about relaxation. Well let me now become a Mythbuster …On the morning of my first class it was like the build up to an important football match(you know, pacing up and down, toilet trips etc) with me thinking.. what will it be like ? will the people in the class judge me? how hot is it? what about my footy blisters, etc!!


Anyway I drank lots of water and stayed at the back of class, I got through it with a little help from my friends (determination and male competitiveness). It was brutal but totally brilliant, nothing like I had experienced before. I have played football all my life, boxed, circuits, swam, golf, athletics you name it, but nothing had made me feel like I felt after the first class.  Totally exhausted but totally elated and empowered at the same time.


I was shocked at first and then after a shower and rehydrate I felt on top of the world. I have been practicing now for 9 months and I am still loving it. The physical advantages and benefits are great…slimmer, leaner, stronger, less joint pain, more flexible the list goes on, but more importantly for me are the mental benefits.


Estelle and all the teachers have great way of making you realise your potential, your inner strength through simple messages and great teaching. I came to the studio with a lot of personal issues if you like and questions that were unanswered about myself. Bikram has taught me how to process my thoughts differently, be more positive, show more acceptance, look forward and learn from the past but do not live in it.


I now set my intentions higher, tell myself I can and it really does work, so much so that I have recently started swimming alongside Bikram and I told myself last week  I’m going to do a mile and now every time I have been back the mile has been smashed..all because of my intentions and positive thinking.


In a nutshell Bikram is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do, but the benefits are amazing if you do it properly. I have seen professional sportsman come out of class and say the same thing so if you are thinking of giving it a go prepare yourself, tell yourself you will and hopefully you I’ll be feeling the way I am after 9 months.


Estelle and the whole team are really helpful and the studio itself is second to none, clean, fresh, everything you need.  I will be forever thankful to Estelle and Bikram for putting me in a better place and helping those closest to me get the benefits also.


So a big thank you to all at Bikram Liverpool….my new motto in life and for my little boy is “tell yourself you can, and you will”


Financial Advisor, Liverpool



“Would just like to say, how I'm loving been a member, after a couple of car accidents, after yrs of training in the gym, working day and night, standing for long hrs, my back really did suffer, I was under a Chiropracter an Physio and found out I had "de generation of the spine" I was advised to stop doing the dead lifts an squats, so I tried "hot yoga" it wasn't really for me, as I was use to a full on workout, but then end of nov I discovered liverpool bikram! I knew Manchester had one an had heard lots about it! I was so excited, I love it an I'm now a member! I'm pain free, I feel faboulous, an each class is a challenge, I've cancelled my gym, plus bikram is a mile from my home an easy to get to, its worth every penny, an I think everyone should have a bit of bikram In there life! My 2 mates have joined (1 coming all the way from Wigan) an I'm trying to get my dad to come to help with his arthritis) its amazing an I feel blessed to have discovered it an the beautiful yoga family, everyone is so lovely an welcoming. 
An I'm grateful to be a part of it.”


Promotions Manager, Liverpool



“Since becoming part of Bikram yoga in December, I am extremely overwhelmed with the outcome mentally and physically. Mentally, I am now able to deal with my anxiety and depression without getting stressed. Bikram has helped me physically too because my body shape has changed dramatically and is now much more leaner and toner. I have lost one stone in total within just four months - from a size 12 to sizes 8 to 10, therefore it has boosted my confidence majorly!
By joining Bikram, it has prevented me from getting back and knee pains which were caused by a car crash and child birth. I am truly a proud and addicted Bikram Yogis! I am thankful for this wonderful team whom have also been great friends to me.”


Bank Manager, Liverpool

 I started at Bikram with the attitude that I would give it a try. I had no real idea what I was in for or how Bikram would effect me. I only went along with a friend who suggested going and having a go at the '30 classes in 30 Days Challenge'.

The first few classes were challenging. The heat inside the studio takes some getting used to and the postures felt strange. However, the teachers were very clear - there's is no competition in classes. Wherever I was at during each class, that was where I was meant to be and progress is measured in millimetre.

Almost instantly I began to see changes in my life. Previously, I had trouble getting to sleep at night. Now, I am sleeping the best I have slept in years. I also found I have more energy during my day. I am able to to stay focused for longer periods and I am more productive.

The teachers at Bikram are always telling students to refuel with fruit and water after classes, which I do and I began to make better choices with the food I was eating. As a result I began to lose weight and during class I would tone muscles I had forgotten I had.

The '30 Day Challenge' is massively rewarding, it has enriched my life.

At present, I have lost a stone in weight, clothing that once felt tight is now lose fitting, I feel fitter, more toned and healthier.

If you're thinking about doing the '30 Day Challenge' or just trying Bikram yoga - my advice is... Go for it!

It's a great opportunity to improve your life.

Inspired Bikram yogi, Liverpool


Bikram Yoga Liverpool, Focus Building, Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool City Centre L3 2AP